We are ROMA, from Argentina! Nice to Meet You!

ROMA is a band formed in 2012 by Sergio Munich and his brother Santiago Munich, with German Yanuzzo, Rodrigo Ignacio De Cos and Leandro Coca. The first two presentations, at the Roxy Live, were sold out, generating great expectations about the band of brothers. Throughout that year, they played across the country, gaining public and producing a big buzz at the local press after each presentation. With a previous successful presentation and tour, next year ROMA released their first album "Algo que Decir?," which garnered rave reviews in major media, the band played in almost all scenarios in Argentina and at festivals like Cosquín Rock, Pepsi Music, Resistance Tour, among others, adding more fans in each location.

In 2014, after filling Niceto Club, they released their long-awaited second album "Hijos de Padres Separados". The album contains twelve songs that keeps sounding like their characteristic mixture of metal with hardcore punk's angry. The lyrics speak in first-person with an actual language and the band give their perspective about the social reality and the music world. Lies, deception, heartache, mea guilt and even messages of salvation and help dominate this disc. In "El Cantante", Sergio Munich gets a little skin thereof, talking about a character who, the only thinking that concern is his appearance and have everything that goes with fame, and then, the lyrics go kicking and spitting their anger about all that.

Other slaps are given in "Firme en vos," "Limbo" and "Estás en la B" and desires the salvation on "Como Estamos Hoy" and "El Inmigrante". "Ruben" is a true tribute to a great helper of the band (who also earns a few lines of thanks in the booklet). Finally, the songs of heartbreak against "the other girl" ("Más Mentiras que Otras Cosas," "La Patada", "Tarde" and "Mojigata") are offset with "Culpa Mía," where finally, the fault is accepted as an error by their own.

With "Hijos de Padres Separados," ROMA outdo their previous album and with each topic advise, as stated in "Mojigata", never be defeated.

Listen to ROMA, "Mas Mentiras Que Otra Cosa":


New video, "Limbo", live at Vorterix (Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 2015).

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